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The GROWfish Website is an initiative of the Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network - GAIN (ABN 88 516 837 633)

About Us

Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network Inc (GAIN)

In 1995 the South Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Committee (SGAIC) was established to represent those interested in the development of aquaculture in Gippsland. In 1995 SGAIC commissioned a study into opportunities for marine aquaculture in Gippsland and into the farming of Pacific Oysters.

In 1998 Gippsland Development Limited (GDL) call a meeting of private persons who had previously expressed an interest in the aquaculture industry. 14 people turned up to this meeting in Warragul and, after a vigorous debate on the future of the industry in Gippsland, decided there was a role for an industry group in promoting the development of aquaculture in the region. GAIN, with its broader interest base, subsumed the role previously played by the SGIAC.

GAIN has a significant paid up membership base and a regular mailing list to over 2000 people and organisations. GAIN receives administrative support from GDL, one of whose regional roles is to promote
and facilitate the development of aquaculture in Gippsland.

Mission Statement

To promote the development of a successful and environmentally sustainable aquaculture industry in Gippsland to the benefit of the whole regional community

To fulfill this Mission GAIN will:
•Conduct an educational program to promote the value of the aquaculture industry to Gippsland community and GAIN’s role in this process.
•Participate in the development of policy by the various regulatory authorities impacting on the future
of the industry in our region.
•Identify and qualify suitable coastal aquaculture development sites in Gippsland.
•Identify and qualify suitable inland aquaculture development sites in Gippsland.

Provide the network with relevant information on:
•Policy/legislation and change requirements
•Market information
•Research and development information
•Promote the development of greater integration in aquaculture projects in Gippsland.
•Create links with all industry stakeholders including private and public entities.

GAIN Constitution