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The GROWfish Website is an initiative of the Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network - GAIN (ABN 88 516 837 633)


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“GAIN is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation. Membership fees and sponsorship of the Growfish website are our only forms of revenue to fund the operations of the Network. GAIN invites its supporters to join its ranks as full members of GAIN Inc. through the attached membership application form. To qualify as a member you are required to subscribe to the basic tenet of GAIN, being, a willingness to support the development of an environmentally sustainable and commercial viable aquaculture industry in the Gippsland region of Australia.

GAIN Membership Form PDF 42kb

We have been delighted to welcome members from the Gippsland region, across Victoria and Australia, as well as internationally. Notwithstanding issues that arise from time to time, much criticism of the industry is motivated by ignorance and fear. GAIN believes that the more the industry grows around the world, and the more knowledge of the industry is available to the public, the greater will be the industry’s acceptance. he old saying that “a rising tide lifts all ships” is certainly true contributing to growing support for GAIN’s aims, both in the local community and from around the world.Whilst the financial commitment required of our members is not great, the funding support is essential if Growfish is to continue to offer free access to up to date information about the industry.”If you would like to further discuss the benefits of becoming a member of GAIN please see our
Contact Us page.